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''One Who Looks Outside Dreams. One Who Looks Inside Awakes.''

The moment we came into this world we begin to interact with the outside world. We learn and we are thought how to interact with everything around us, making sense of the material world.

We make every object around us real because we all agree on that. The chair you are sitting on is solid because all of us agreed on it to exist. This is how powerful our beliefs are; how powerful we are! I am not trying to imply that the illusion is something wrong, as it is not, I am just pointing it out to you.

As time passes, we are more and more connected with the world that we live in. We realise how important everything around us is. We get so immersed in the outside world that we think that is all there is and all that matters in our lives. Man is continually seeking stimulus within the illusion developed by him.

We believe that all our answers are found in the outside world. The answers to questions like:

Who am I?

What makes me happy?

What is love?

How can I be healthy?

How can I get rid of stress, anxiety, revenge, sorrow, hate, loss of confidence, suffering, loneliness, and fear?

Why am I suffering?

Why I am alone?

What should I do to be successful?

We are continuously searching for answers in the world outside of us. The search is endless as we are creating a loop in which we get lost and confused until the end of our body’s life! We leave this world with our questions unanswered!

Each and every one of us interact with the world around us uniquely! Every human is unique! As everyone is unique, the world around is interpreted by each of us in an unique way! Each individual is affected by the world in an unique way. Our uniqueness will require unique answers for each of us. And is because of our uniqueness that our questions will be answered based on our experiences and how we understand the world.

All our questions can be answered by looking inside of us and realising who we are. The questions can be answered by you and the truth can be found by you, you alone by looking inside of you!

Inside of us is our unique answers to all of our questions! Discover first who you are.

Begin with daily meditation which will teach you how to quiet your mind.

Through meditation, you will begin to understand that we are all one. We are all a reflection of one being. Loving someone else is actually loving yourself. Helping someone else is actually helping yourself. Teaching someone else you are actually teaching yourself. Caring for someone else is caring for yourself. All of our suffering and confusion come from not understanding what we really are and how connected we all are.

When you will see every being as a reflection of yourself, then all your questions will be answered. You will understand the power of love and the weakness of judgement, you will not be alone anymore and understand how to deal/control negative emotions and learn from these emotions.

You are everything and everything is you!

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