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Quantum Prayer

Quantum Prayer

What is s prayer? A prayer can be a request, from an individual, to a higher being, Higher Self, God etc. When we pray or ask for something we wish to happen, we might say something like this: “Please help me to get that job” or “Please help to get better, to heal my disease”. When we say that, we are actually asking for something to happen in the near future. This kind of prayer/request is interpreted by the higher being or the energetic field around us, as if it’s already happened. I will not get into the explanation as it will be too long. What is a Quantum Prayer? A Quantum Prayer is when someone asks for something as if it has already happened! For example, instead of saying “Please help me to get that job” or “Please help to get better and heal my disease”, we can say “Thank you for getting that job” or “Thank you for healing me’’. Say it like it’s already happened! It is very important that when say the prayer/make the request, to also imagine ourselves working for that company or with the dis-ease healed and also how that makes us feel.

Another important aspect of the process, is to involve emotions and feelings when you say the statement.

For example, if you imagine yourself healed, in perfect health, also imagine seeing yourself very happy and released; let that feeling fill your body. Imagine how beautiful is your new life without the dis-ease and the things that you can do that you were not able to do before. Imagine yourself already there, let the emotions feel your whole body. Imagine small details; like for example you can run or relax. How does that make you feel?

We close the prayer by saying thank you and offer gratitude for making this happen. Also, we say with emotion: I totally accept and love myself as I am! Going forward, if you wish to pray/ask for something, do it as if it’s already happened and always involve visualisation, feelings and emotions. Remember also to say thank you and offer gratitude and close with: I totally accept and love myself as I am!

Unconditional Love To All Of You

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