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Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Dear ones,

This post is about you. Every single one of you. The ‘’one’’ is you!

There so many questions and so many answers on how we can make this world a better one. A world based on cooperation and not competition.

In our so-called modern society, competition and accumulation of wealth is seen as success. The thing is, in the native American tribes, competition and accumulation of wealth it is seen as a mental health problem. Interestingly, isn’t it? There is this huge contrast between them and us. Where for the native American tribes to help someone is part of the culture, for us is something that we do as something extra.

What is the power of one? The power of one is when one human being (you) is helping another human being. The help can range from something as simple as saying something nice to someone, to helping someone with anything that you can. Even if for you, saying an encouraging word to someone or giving a hug, might not be so important, for that person can change their lives. Always offer the help with love and compassion.

By doing this, helping someone, you are planting a seed in the other person’s heart. The seeds will grow in that person’s heart and will start to share the fruits with another person by doing the same: he/she will help someone else and so on.

This is how we can change the world that will live in. From inside of us.

We are all one and one is all!

Please share this post as much as you can.

Much Love To All Of You

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