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Greetings dear ones! I am honoured by your presence! 🤗

This is my first blog post 😊. Firstly, I would like to let all of you to know that everything that will be posted on this blog, will be filled with love and compassion.

This blog post is about the information that we store every day in our brain. In today’s world we are continuously ‘’shut at’’ with myriad of information. As we are evolving more and more in shuffling through the information, depending on our belief systems and interests, we actively choose only the information that is of interest to us.

We all know that information is valuable, as it is assisting us on deepening our understanding, change our perspectives and develop our thinking about the world that we are living in. On every platform, people are writing or creating information about how important is to expand our knowledge and to learn more and more. Which is of course valuable, but I believe that something is let out…

What is not enough mentioned, is the importance of unlearning that which does not serve us anymore. This can be ways of thinking, behaviours, perspectives, emotions, feelings etc. To be more concise, to unlearn something means to discard or replace your old ways of thinking. That can be harmful behaviours and perspectives, ‘’negative’ ’emotions and feelings (fears, doubts, insecurity, uncertainties, envy, jealousy, frustration, anxiety, stress, depression, shame, guilt). These so-called negative emotions and feelings, can and are assisting you in your emotional development and evolution but it is important to understand their role first (I will touch on this subject in another post).

The importance of learning something is equally important to unlearning something else. Firstly, we need to be aware of what needs to be unlearned. Then, you can set up daily or weekly targets, to unlearn something that it does not serve you anymore. Do not criticise or judge yourself for old behaviours, perspectives, emotions etc that you had, as they played their role and assisted you in discovering yourself.

Love yourself, take care of yourself, and start to see an opportunity in everything. You are a very powerful, unique and beautiful being!

Much Love To All

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